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The Valhalla is a student-run newspaper with an 88 year tradition at LSHS. The content of the paper comes directly from the students who are a part of Journalism, which is both a class and a club.


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Whether you’ve been reading The Valhalla since our print days, or since today, the staff would like to extend a very warm welcome.

Here at The Valhalla, we believe that our paper is a reflection of not only the student body, but of the time we are living in as well. Today we are more likely to pull out our phone to find information than read a paper. Over the years, we have slowly tried to move our paper onto a more online platform, whether it was through a PDF of our paper on the school website, a Twitter feed or a Facebook page. This year, we decided to dive headfirst and move our paper onto an online platform. . Moving online presents new challenges; however, we are still dedicated to creating quality content that can be read and appreciated not only by the students and staff of LSHS, but members of the Lake Stevens community as well. One of the new features we are most excited about is the capability to share stories and photo galleries through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Make sure to check back each week to browse through photo galleries and stories from our talented staff!

Noel Gasca, Valhalla Editor-in-Chief

The Valhalla Staff 2015 - 2016

Editor-In-Chief Noel Gasca
Opinion Bailey Hall
Features Editor Noel Gasca
Sports Editor Rose Blume
Arts & Entertainment Editor Adalyn Tibbits
Photographer Cierra Holder
Freelance Photographer Shila Stewart
Staff Reporter & Photographer Brittney Wood
Photographer & Business Manager Cierra Dolquist
Staff Reporter Elizabeth Robins
Freelance Writer Jennaka Taton
Freelance Writer Savannah Pratt
Advisor Julie Henggeler