Keeping up with the news around school is now even easier! Welcome to the Valhalla! The Valhalla, run by the Journalism class, has been publishing for over 80 years! We have a great staff this semester, with over a dozen reporters, including a dedicated new sports team, across five sections. Ideas? Thoughts? Letters to the Editor? Send them here(, or drop them off in the Valhalla mailbox in room 303. We'd love to hear from you!

The Valhalla is Online:

The Valhalla Staff 2013 - 2014

Editor-In-Chief Meredith Brown
Design Editor Iris Favoreal
Photographer Tyler Baggs
Photographer McKenzie Grant
Section Editor Britty Lamberty
Section Editor Mackenzie McLeod
Section Editor Kaylee Nunley
Section Editor Chloe Rowland
Reporter Kayleen Fredrickson
Reporter Noel Gasca
Reporter Teddy Gaspar
Reporter Jessica Matthias
Reporter Esther McCoy
Reporter Alexandra Mulvaney
Reporter Hannah Mulvey
Reporter Jack Petterborg
Reporter Neftali Rodriguez
Reporter Brittney Swank
Advisor Julie Henggeler